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By Don Garno, Sales Product Manager – Custom Fabrication

Installing the reverse tab properly is crucial to ensure your custom-fabricated deck sheets are installed quickly and wrinkle-free. With a single reverse tab, you subtract the 3˝ fastening tab, and any overlap or over the edge amount, from the reverse tab measurement to determine where to snap your chalk line to properly align the reverse tab. For example, if we had a perimeter deck sheet with a 31˝ reverse tab, we would subtract 3˝ for the tab, and an additional 3˝ for over the edge of the roof. This would give us a measurement of 25˝ from the edge of the roof to snap our chalk line to start the deck sheet in the correct location. 

But what if we had a building over 40-feet tall? Typically, you will need at least two perimeter tabs at 28˝ tab spacing to meet the uplift requirements. In this scenario, our reverse tabs will be listed as 31˝, 59˝ reverse. The question now is, where do I snap my chalk line to start? You could cut a starter, or cheater strip, off the edge of the deck sheet that will be covered by an adjacent deck sheet, or you can use the exact same method that we discussed above with a single reverse tab. If I want 3˝ over the edge, you will subtract that in addition to the 3˝ fastening tab from the 59˝ measurement, which will be the first reverse that we will fasten down. 59˝ – 3˝ over edge (56˝), then subtract our 3˝ for the fastening tab, which leaves us with 53˝. So, in this example, we would snap a chalk line 53˝ from the roof edge to have the double wind tab positioned properly.  

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