Research & Development

World-Class R&D/QC Initiative

By: Mary Koutras, Research & Development Manager

For those who have taken the opportunity to attend the Duro-Last® In-House Training Class at the Saginaw, Michigan facility, you may remember a portion of the class that included a tour of the Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) labs. This in-depth tour highlights Duro-Last quality testing, ASTM industry testing, R&D activities, sustainability initiatives, and everyone’s favorite – the flame test.

In 2022, executives have challenged our team to reimagine this space and create a world-class R&D/QC Laboratory. We have enthusiastically accepted this opportunity, and are currently developing a plan to reinvent the site to better showcase how our department supports both Duro-Last’s continued growth and our contractor network in the field! Through visual upgrades in partnership with the Marketing Department and future equipment investments, a whole new laboratory experience will soon be coming to Duro-Last tours. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this challenge has been defining what a world-class R&D department means for Duro-Last and our contractors. It has been an excellent opportunity to reflect on how we can improve as a department to be the best in class and better support Duro-Last’s commitment to manufacturing excellence. We look forward to bringing a new and improved lab site to life, and unveiling it to you in the near future!