Research & Development, Sustainability

Duro-Last Makes A Brighter Tomorrow, Today!

By: Mary Koutras, Research & Development Manager

Sustainability isn’t a new “buzz” word for Duro-Last®.  Those familiar with Duro-Last know that we had invested in sustainability before it became a trend.  

Our commitment continues with the Recycle Your Roof program and engagement in industrial committees such as the Vinyl Sustainability Council. Duro-Last is also one of the few roofing manufacturers with NSF/ANSI 347 product certifications.  The process for certification is complex, involves multiple internal departments working cross-functionally, and analyzes our manufacturing processes, raw material selection, and product performance under a microscopic lens.   

Another key element of our sustainability culture includes providing products with low VOCs. VOC (volatile organic content) is essentially the off-gas of products that need to cure – think of caulks, adhesives, and sealants.  Solvents and other materials added to these products increase VOC content.  Once applied, the solvents evaporate, potentially adding to overall air pollution. At Duro-Last, we consciously formulate or offer low VOC products, such as Duro-Caulk Plus®, Duro-Caulk Advanced®, and Water-Based Adhesive.

What can you do to contribute to sustainability in your own business?  First of all, remember that every time you purchase or recommend a mechanically fastened Duro-Last Roofing System, you are supporting a product that is recyclable and has the potential for upcycling. Additionally, taking advantage of Duro-Last’s custom-fabrication technology also reduces electrical consumption on-site since up to 85% of the seaming can be done for you in our factory-controlled environment. And speaking of electricity, what is the condition of your installation equipment and computers?  Older units draw more power and are potentially less efficient than current models. Not only will upgrading your equipment improve your labor efficiencies, they can potentially lower a lot of unnecessary electricity costs as well.

Along with the standard recycling opportunities (cans, empty containers, cardboard, etc.), I challenge you this year to evaluate processes that have the potential to reduce your environmental footprint.  Duro-Last is committed to doing our part, and our promise to you is that we will continue innovating products that not only meet your needs on the rooftop, but lessen our impact on the world around us.