Moving with the Industry

By: Jules Dekovics, National Sales Manager

As with most businesses, it is imperative to adapt and overcome the ever-changing needs of any industry. This concept in the roofing world is no different; there is always a desire to find a product or application that makes life easier, performs better, and meets all the established codes. EXCEPTIONAL® Metals continues to evaluate how we can better meet the needs of contractors, enhancing the products that we already have in place while exploring new solutions.

Recently, we have expanded the available colors of our vinyl-coated product line, which now includes light gray, light tan, charcoal, and midnight bronze options. These products feature a matte finish and a more consistent appearance that more seamlessly matches our Kynar® low-gloss coated metal products.  

A new product rolling out in the first quarter of 2022 is EXCEPTIONAL HT™, a self-adhered high-temperature underlayment. This product will be compatible with all of our metal products and is highly tested and approved for industry use.

Also coming soon is an enhancement to the T-Edge edge detail. This updated product features factory notching, eliminating the need for splice plates. Additionally, sealants will no longer be required unless used in adhered applications, and the hook strip will no longer need to be fastened to the deck. This ES-1 compliant edge detail will install faster and more efficiently while offering an improved finished aesthetic.

As we move into the new year, we are excited and energized by the work that is being done behind the scenes to meet your edge metal and metal roofing needs. Please keep your eyes open for new products and programs as we explore, expand, and enhance our business!