EXCEPTIONAL® Metals Committed to Supporting Contractors Through Unpredictable Market

By: Mike Gwizdala, General Manager

We see it on the news every day – demand is high, supply is low, consumers are frustrated. Everything from computer chips and lumber to chlorine and tanker truck drivers are in short supply. Manufacturers, restaurants, and other businesses are desperate for workers. And, as you are well aware, the construction industry is no different.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to shut down production as they struggled to survive the imploding economy. But as the recovery got underway, it took time for America’s aging steel mills to resume the production they had sharply cut at the onset of the pandemic, and that created a massive steel shortage. Steel inventories shrank rapidly, and shipments were delayed, just as steel buyers began ordering more than usual.

Now, the reopening of the economy is driving a steel boom so strong that lead times have crept up to as high as 12-14 weeks, while some suppliers will not even entertain quoting customers for fear of not being able to supply product. Steel prices are at a record high that is nearly triple the 20-year average.

At EXCEPTIONAL® Metals, we continue to work hard to maintain lead times of 10 days or less on many of our manufactured edge metal products for the Duro-Last® Roofing System. We have been affected by the rising prices and tight supply; however, our commitment to our customers has never been stronger. Our manufacturing team is working harder than ever to make sure you have the edge metal you need for your upcoming projects. Our customer service staff and estimators are here to answer your calls and provide the necessary support to find options during this challenging time.

Know that as you navigate the unpredictable market over the next several months, EXCEPTIONAL Metals is by your side. Plan ahead, stay informed, and call us any time.