Company Update

July 2021 Update from Tom Saeli

Dear Duro-Last family and friends:

2021 is off to a roaring start, and we are all now experiencing first-hand what it means to “have the tiger by the tail”! 

Activity in construction-related industries is strong, labor is in high demand, and we are all also managing through extended lead times on certain products, most notably with ISO. Our collective management skills were tested in 2020 with the pandemic, and 2021 is providing us all a different opportunity as we navigate through high demand and tighter supply! I want to assure you that we are 100% focused on doing everything in our power to keep you seamlessly going from project to project. We want to “WOW OUR CUSTOMERS ALL WAYS ALWAYS!”

 I am frequently asked how Duro-Last is faring relative to our competitors in ensuring our contractor partners are fully supplied. From my perspective, we have scored high marks, but don’t take my word for it, instead let our competitors speak for themselves! We have received multiple calls from non-Duro-Last contractors looking for items like fasteners and ISO because our competitors told them to call Duro-Last as we are better at maintaining our supply! While we would like to help them out, our #1 priority is to ensure that we first take care of your needs! Our raw material supplies are strong, and we’re manufacturing and shipping our core products daily – with lead times offered in days, not months, like most of our competitors. The demand is high, however, so plan ahead, get stocked up, and you’ll come out on top.

This year underscores how different the Duro-Last community is from the rest of the commercial roofing industry. One of the most significant differences is, I believe, the high level of communication we have throughout our extended family. We have maintained a strong supply of raw materials and other products because of long-term relationships and communication with our suppliers. We have worked well as an integrated entity due to the strong communication amongst our internal Duro-Last teams like sales, manufacturing, and logistics. And finally, and most importantly, we have had continuous communication with you to understand your needs and timing so we can be sure our SAY / DO RATIO = 100% EVERYDAY!”  Your willingness and ability to place orders now, even for projects that are months away, gives us the ability to ensure you will receive a full roof assembly with an on-time experience.

To us, communication is vital to help maintain lower stress levels and create a “no surprises” environment. I believe that companies are judged by how they respond, and communication is at the forefront of any response. For example, this past weekend, I called the customer service number for a company I had purchased something from and was put on hold for 1 ½ hours! You can imagine that my initial impression of that company was less than favorable! We will always answer our phones quickly and with real human beings!    Thanks for your continued loyalty and business with Duro-Last, and please feel free to let me know if there is anything we can do to assist you!