Collaboration for a More Sustainable Industry

By: Melissa Lee, Communications Manager

Sustainability has been at the core of Duro-Last® for more than 20 years. While we are proud of the efforts that we have made to reduce our environmental footprint through sustainable products and manufacturing practices, we also know that it takes collaboration to make a lasting impact on a large scale. Through our participation in initiatives like the Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC), we now have the opportunity to transform our commitment to sustainability into a movement throughout the industry.

What is the VSC?

The VSC is a voluntary membership organization that is taking a leadership role in uniting the industry to advance sustainable performance throughout the vinyl value chain.

Based on an industry stakeholder assessment, the VSC focuses its efforts in three impact categories: Landfill Diversion, Health and Safety, and Emissions. Together, VSC members are establishing baselines and determining goals to track and report on the vinyl industry’s progress.

What is Duro-Last doing with the VSC?

Duro-Last is participating in a PVC roof recycling pilot project, with the goal of expanding post-consumer recycling of PVC membranes throughout the entire roofing market. Through our already-established Recycle Your Roof Program, we are able to share information, data, and resources with the VSC, which will ultimately help build the framework for an industry-wide recycling initiative. And we need your help! 

If you have upcoming projects that involve removing and replacing aged Duro-Last roofing systems that are mechanically attached or induction welded, we encourage you to reach out to your Duro-Last Sales Representative to discuss opportunities for recycling the materials. The Duro-Last team will help you plan and budget for the removal and shipment of recycled material, and your project would then be shared with the VSC for the pilot project. Your work can have a direct impact on the future sustainability of the PVC roofing industry!

Check out this video to see the Duro-Last Recycle Your Roof Program in action and reach out to your Duro-Last Sales Representative to learn more about participating.

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