Understanding Your Audience to Grow Your Business

By: Melissa Lee, Marketing Communications Manager

From advertisements, email marketing, website development, and everything in between, your audience should be at the center of your marketing activities. Companies like Nike and Adidas continue to stay relevant because they know who their target demographic is and spend their resources getting their message in front of them in a variety of ways. The same should be said for your business – you should know who your target audience is based on the demographics of your service area, and you should spend your resources getting your message in front of them in a variety of ways.

While seemingly simple in concept, narrowing down key audience traits can be a daunting task for many small business owners. This is where a customer worksheet comes in handy and can help you develop an ideal customer profile that will provide necessary guidance in determining WHERE your marketing efforts should be directed and WHAT your marketing language should say.

Below is a link to a downloadable PDF worksheet designed to help you put thoughtful consideration into the traits that make up your ideal customer. As you approach this activity, think about the commonalities of some of your best customers. What types of businesses do they run? Do they own the company or manage it? What role do they play in the purchasing process, and what resources do they rely on to make informed decisions? It’s also important to consider objections that customers may have in the buying process – budget, timing, and even materials – as this will help you develop messaging that speaks to their specific needs.

The more specific you get with your planning, the more specific you are with your activities, and the more return you will see in your efforts.

View and download the worksheet [here.]