Company Update


By Tom Saeli, Chief Executive Officer

Thankfully, spring is almost here after the crazy weather we experienced around the country in February and early March! I was walking my dog in Michigan the other evening and saw a flock of robins in the yard… that has to be a positive sign that winter is over!

We have many reasons to be optimistic as we enter the commercial roofing busy season. 

  1. The economy is heating up, and roofing demand around the country is coming back strong. 
  2. The rollout of COVID vaccines is also ramping up, and the promise of enough vaccines for all adults in the USA by the end of May is very exciting! 
  3. The partnership between us has never been stronger. The introduction of Duro-Last X™, and other initiatives such as the online ordering system, demonstrates our continued reinvestment in the business. Also, unlike many competitors, we are always available to personally answer your calls and not subject you to a complicated phone message system whose “options have recently changed”. At Duro-Last, we are committed to having a real person, not a computerized assistant, take care of your needs.

It’s no secret that the Duro-Last way of doing business is different than the rest of the commercial roofing industry. We value the personal relationships with you and are always looking for ways to help you win. We are unique to our industry, and frankly want to keep it that way. While everyone else seems to be gravitating to a “me-too /look-alike” way of doing business, you can be sure that our number one priority will be YOU! We promise to continue serving our customers by:

  1. Providing rooftop training
  2. Manufacturing roof systems to your exact specifications and sizes
  3. Standing behind everything we do with the Duro-Last promise
  4. Providing innovative products like Duro-Last X

We will never stop the relentless efforts to ensure our partnership wins together! I genuinely believe that 2021 can be the best year yet. Please let us know how we can support you; we’re just a phone call away. Thank you for all you do with Duro-Last!

All the best,

Tom Saeli