Stay Productive on the Rooftop and in the Office

By: The Duro-Last Accounting Department

Duro-Last® is not only committed to providing contractors with innovative products for rooftop quality and efficiency, but also with providing industry-leading customer service that keeps operations running efficiently in the office. In this specific example, we’ll cover important documents from our Accounts Receivable Department that help you stay on top of your business’ finances, such as account statements, invoices, and waivers. 

As always, contractors can reach out to the Accounts Receivable Department at 800-248-0280 or by email at to inquire about specific documents and have digital copies emailed. We understand that this isn’t always the most efficient option for busy contractors though, as response time is typically limited to normal operating hours of 8:00AM EST to 5:00PM EST. Because of this, Duro-Last created the Duro-Last Connect app for easy access to documents on demand. 

Available for download on mobile devices, and accessible through the Contractor Portal, Duro-Last Connect provides contractors with instant access to current statement balances, invoices, and waivers, as well as order status. Additionally, by using Duro-Last Connect, contractors can choose which invoices to apply payments to. 

If you aren’t using the Duro-Last Connect app yet, get set-up and start improving your efficiencies on the rooftop and in the office!

For more information on Accounts Payable topics, including Duro-Last purchase terms and available discounts, reach out to the Accounts Payable team and we’d be happy to walk you through the information and resources.