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Introducing the Duro-Last Quick-Check™ Roof Inspector

By: Mitch Guettler, Director of Quality Assurance & Warranty Services

For the last couple years, one of the rooftop challenges faced by both contractors and the Quality Assurance Department has been verifying the integrity of Duro-Bond® welds, as well as the adhesion of the membrane to the substrate and the insulation or cover board to the deck. With innovation and problem-solving in mind, we developed the all new Duro-Last Quick-Check™ Roof Inspector as an answer to that challenge.

The Quick-Check Roof Inspector is an easy-to-use tool designed for testing of Duro-Bond plate welds and adhesion of adhered membranes. Comprised of an accordion-style suction cup at the base of a hollow metal handle, a vacuum seal is created to allow for pulling of the membrane. Membrane movement indicates an incomplete weld or improper adhesion.

Quality Assurance Technical Representatives have been outfitted with the Quick-Check for their installation inspections, and we are now offering it to contractors as a pre-inspection tool for rooftop crews. Ensure a high-quality installation for the building owner, and no surprises come inspection time, by incorporating this tool into your installation process. Ask your Quality Assurance Technical Representative to test out the new tool on your next inspection, and place an order for your rooftop crews by calling the Duro-Last Customer Service team!