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Duro-Last® is excited to introduce the Quick-Pull™ Roof Puller

By: Don Garno, Sales Product Manager

Designed to enhance rooftop efficiencies offered by the original GriPull, the new Quick-Pull tool is used to pull Duro-Last membranes taut during installation. Featuring a fixed dual-head pulley that does not need adjustment during use for certain pull directions, Quick-Pull also has a removable set of teeth that can be used on the base when additional grip into the substrate is needed. When not needed, non-slip pads provide sufficient traction for the tool to pull the membrane taut.

Additionally, the handle of the Quick-Pull is adjustable and includes a spring that keeps the handle in the upright position to allow for convenient and ergonomic usage.  It also has 2 pivoting rods built into each side of the puller that can attach to the clamp when pulling near penetrations and walls.  If you didn’t get a chance, check out the Tips and Tricks breakout from Duro-Days (click here) where we showed the Quick-Pull in action.

To order the new Quick-Pull for your crew, contact Duro-Last Customer Service today!