IT Department

Training Talent in a Pandemic

By: Jeff Shrum, Information Technology Manager

One of the challenges facing employers today is training new talent, or training employees moving laterally, during the pandemic and work from home initiatives. Close quarter in-house training is out of the question, and live remote training can be difficult for those unaccustomed to virtual platforms. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools that can help fill this gap and fill the knowledge void when key talent moves on. Screencasting is one such tool.  

Screencasting is a recording of your computer screen that usually includes audio narration describing the process that is occurring on screen. It is a powerful tool because it allows the trainer to show the full process and lead the viewer through the actions as they occur rather than utilizing a handout or PowerPoint with screenshots and lengthy written descriptions. Screencasting is also a practical tool as the viewer can watch the trainings when convenient, revisit them when necessary or refresh their skills, and skip to relevant topics as needed.  

Screencasting tools are relatively inexpensive, and lessons are simple to create. TechSmith® offers an in-depth look at screencasting and how to get started utilizing this tool in your own business. View their article here: