Recycle Your Roof Tips and Tricks

By: Katie Chapman, Sustainability Specialist

You’ve likely heard of Protect-All® flooring products, manufactured by Oscoda Plastics®, Inc., or of Roof Trak® III Walkway Pads and Roof Pavers offered by Duro-Last®, but did you know that these products are all manufactured using recycled Duro-Last membrane materials? Duro-Lasts Recycle Your Roof Program is open to all Duro-Last contractors who want to recycle old Duro-Last roofs that they’ve removed, as well as any scraps that they have left over from an installation. For those interested in participating in the program, below are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

1. Notify your Duro-Last Sales Representative or QA Technical Representative before you remove the roof. 

Your Sales Representative or QA Technical Representative will visit the jobsite to help train on the recycling process, inspect the material to make sure it meets recycling standards, and offer help to make the process as efficient as possible. Letting them know of the project before you begin allows time to coordinate schedules and ensures your crew is efficient in the recycling process.

2. Build recycling and disposal costs into the project bid. 

Including the cost of recycling and disposal in your bid can help you be more profitable on the job, but it also opens up the conversation with the building owner who may not know that they had an option to recycle. Discussing how they want the scrap materials handled can give you a competitive edge and creates an opportunity to showcase cost savings available through recycling.

3. Remove vents, accessories, trash, and contamination from the roof first. 

These materials can’t be recycled with a Duro-Last roof and will damage the recycling equipment. And don’t forget to remove the plates and screws! These are the highest source of contamination in the recycling process and must be removed before the membrane can be processed. Removing these items upfront will help ensure that the material gets recycled, and you’re also not paying to transport trash. 

4. Brag about it!

After you recycle a Duro-Last roof, our Marketing team can help write and promote a press release, highlighting your company’s commitment to the environment and reducing landfill waste. Duro-Last can also provide a certificate for the building owner, congratulating them on their commitment to the environment. Recycling is a great way to separate your company from the competition, and to reduce the overall environmental footprint of commercial roofing!

If you have questions about Duro-Last’s Recycle Your Roof Program, contact Katie Chapman at