Research & Development

Protecting Membrane Performance with Compatibility Evaluation

By: Mary Koutras, Duro-Last Research and Development Manager

The Research & Development team occasionally receives inquiries from customers regarding materials that may come in to contact with their Duro-Last® membrane products, and more specifically what can lead to potential damage. While it may seem easy to answer, there are usually a few different factors that go into determining if a chemical or product may adversely affect the membrane.

The Duro-Last Research and Development team has the capability of performing compatibility tests for customers to help them answer questions. While we typically provide information on the compatibility of insulations and underlayments, we have tested cleaners and other materials that may come into contact with Duro-Last products.

It’s important to note that products sold or recommended by Duro-Last have been tested against our membranes to ensure compatibility. Check our list of approved cleaners and substances found here. If the substance in question is not on that list, our R&D lab has the ability to test for adverse effects. If you have further questions about product compatibilities with Duro-Last products, reach out to your Quality Assurance Technical Representative, Sales Representative, or the Research and Development team to coordinate testing if necessary.