Common Unknowns from the Insulation Department

By Kevin Blaesser, Customer Service and Insulation Manager

Did you know we stock ISO in all of our plants?

Available in full pallets, Duro-Last® stocks an assortment of Polyiso in all 6 of our manufacturing facilities across the country. This is a perfect opportunity for smaller orders to have everything deliver together and avoid deficit freight. Rather than shipping your material order LTL and then shipping the insulation separate, consider having it all ship together on a flatbed from our plant! One dedicated truck with all your material, metal, and insulation. We even stock gypsum cover boards in some plants. Contact the Insulation Department for details at

Did you know you can do a two-stop shipment?

Duro-Last offers some of the best full-truck Polyiso prices in the industry. However, if the truck is not full, there is a fee for deficit freight or freight for unused truck space. A great way to avoid this is to fill the truck and have it delivered to another job or your shop. As long as each stop is within 100 miles of each other, the driver can make two stops for only an additional $100. You can even split trucks with another roofer!

Did you know we sell nail base and vented nail base insulation?

Through our partnership with Atlas® Roofing, Duro-Last offers both nail base and vented nail base products. Typically used in steep slope metal and shingle jobs, this is an excellent option for specs requiring insulation above the deck below the metal or shingles. We have excellent pricing on these products and encourage you to consider us on your next shingle or metal job as well!

Did you know you can save $3,000 on XPS Fanfold?

Do you use a lot of 3/8˝ XPS Fanfold on your roofing projects? Get a full truck shipped direct and save $6.49 per bundle, plus no additional freight! Full truck (480 bundles) direct shipments are $35 per bundle, pre-tax delivered price.