Customer Service Department TOP 10

By: Katie Grantham, Customer Service Representative Manager

We surveyed our staff of 38 Customer Service Reps and here are the Top 10 things they want you, our dedicated customers, to know…

  1. We are staffed from 7am – 8pm Monday – Thursday (EST) and 7am – 7pm on Friday (EST). We are able to enter orders, quotes, and assist with technical questions.
  2. When ordering parapets, make sure to include the skirt in the overall height dimension.
  3. Prefabricated 60 Mil Duro-Last material must be rolled on carpet tubes.
  4. The most up-to-date Price List can always be found under “Sales Resources” on the Contractor Portal. Click Here.
  5. If a lift gate, early delivery, or any other delivery instructions are needed on a project let the CSR know at time of order. 
  6. Induction welding can be a great option for roofs when fastening is required into concrete tees, purlins or structural concrete decks.  We have many tested assemblies for reference.
  7. The average length of employment of a Customer Service Rep is 10 years!
  8. While Insulation Boards require 4’ x 4’ boards when being adhered, Gypsum Boards, such as Securock Gypsum Fiber, Densdeck Prime, and Dexcell FA can be 4’ x 4’ or 4’ x 8’.
  9. Not all termination details are allowed on adhered roofing systems.  The approved adhered details can be found on the website. Click Here. 
  10. We have been at home for 115 days taking calls, entering orders, and completing layouts. We are grateful for our customers and look forward to talking with you soon!