Company Update

July 2020 Update from Tom Saeli

Dear Duro-Last Friends;

The past several months have been both a flurry of activity with time seemingly flying by and at times dragging on with each day bringing a slightly different version of yesterday’s news!  

With that said, the economy is reawakening and we are all getting back to business! The COVID pandemic is leaving its mark on how we will conduct our businesses in the future and at Duro-Last we want to do everything we can to ensure your health and success. I encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Response page on the Contractor Portal through the Duro-Last website; it is filled with useful information relevant to your business. Additionally, we have developed the Safe Stuff product line to ensure your employees are working in a clean environment.

Even though we cannot yet see each other face-to-face, I hope that will happen soon. Please follow all CDC guidelines and do your best to stay healthy. Also, please know that everyone at Duro-Last is here to help in any way we can, don’t hesitate to call us!  

All the best,

Tom Saeli