Help Building Owners Save Money with Energy Savings and Rebates

By: Katie Chapman, Sustainability Specialist

As businesses need to be more conscious of their spending, now is the time to drive home the potential energy savings from Duro-Last® reflective roofing systems. The Duro-Last Sales Development Coordinators specialize in running energy savings reports for all types of projects and can help you prep for your next bid. The potential savings can help justify the investment in a new roof for building owners, and can even pay for upgrading that additional layer of insulation.

Local utilities are also still offering energy efficiency rebates for upgrades like building envelope insulation and reflective roofing. Energy efficiency rebates can range from $0.02/square foot up to $0.60/square foot depending on the utility. Contact your local utility for the most up to date information, as rebates can change over the year, and reach out to the Sales team at Duro-Last for help navigating potential rebates in your region.