Have You Taken Advantage of Duro-Last Solvent-Grip™ Yet?

By: Erica Farver, Senior Product Manager

As crews transition back to the rooftop and look for more ways to increase their productivity while staying safe, there is no better time to take advantage of the new Duro-Last Solvent-Grip™ Spray Adhesive! 

As the first non-fleece PVC spray adhesive in the roofing industry, Duro-Last Solvent Grip is designed to improve rooftop productivity through efficient adhesion of Duro-Last and Duro-Tuff® membranes to a variety of substrates on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Additionally, when paired with the custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, contractors can significantly increase labor savings and finished aesthetics. 

When properly prepared following Duro-Last specifications, this low volatile organic compound (VOC) solvent-based adhesive can be applied using a self-contained spray system to structural concrete, wood, polyisocyanurate rigid insulation board, and Duro-Guard® Cover Boards. 

Additional spray adhesive materials include the Duro-Last Solvent Grip Cleaner. This fast-drying solution is designed to clean Duro-Last Solvent Grip Spray Adhesive hoses and spray guns after application.

Download the Duro-Last Solvent Grip Spray Adhesive data sheet CLICK HERE to learn more, and contact Duro-Last at 800-248-0280 to place your order today!