Insulation News

By: Kevin Blaesser, Customer Service and Insulation Manager

Investing in the Customer Experience

Duro-Last®is always looking for ways to provide our customers with service that matches our industry-leading products. We understand that for contractors to remain competitive in the bidding process, pricing and timing are of the essence. In an effort to improve turnaround time and assure that Duro-Last contractors continue to be positioned for success, we have invested in improvements to our tapered insulation quoting process. No matter how simple or complex the project, tapered insulation quotes can typically be returned within 48 hours. Rush quotes are also available, but it is important to let us know when this is needed to ensure deadlines are met. Plans and drawings for insulation quotes can be sent to

Additionally, Duro-Last is proud to offer contractors insulation solutions for all of your roofing and wall applications. In addition to Polyiso, EPS and coverboards, we are proud to also offer Roxul, XPS and continuous wall insulation products. If you need insulation, we’ve got you covered! However, please note that insulation materials are placed on a separate order from your Duro-Last materials when they are drop shipped. To ensure that all of your materials arrive when needed, it is helpful to let Customer Service know that there is an accompanying insulation order when making changes or setting delivery dates for your Duro-Last materials.

Sustainable Solutions Under the Membrane

Utilize even more sustainable solutions on your next roofing project! Continuus Materials Recovery, manufacturer of the recycled Everboard™ roof cover board, has announced that they are opening a new facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently only available for shipment out of their Iowa location, Everboard is expected to be available for shipment out of Philadelphia during the 4thquarter of 2019. 

Made from 98% post-consumer recycled material, Everboard is available in 5/16” and 7/16” options and provides superior compressive strength as well as thermal, air and vapor barrier in a variety of applications. By pairing Everboard’s remarkable recycled properties with highly-reflective white membranes from Duro-Last®as well as Duro-Last’s Take Back Your Roof Program, building owners will be surprised by just how sustainable their roofing system can be. On top of that, larger cities and municipalities often offer incentive programs for building owners to utilize energy efficient, sustainable roofing systems. Wow your customers and take advantage of the expanded shipping options available soon with Everboard on your next Duro-Last project.