Custom-Fabrication, Installation Tips

Cold Weather Installation with Duro-Last® Custom-Fabrication

By: Don Garno, Custom-Fabrication Product Manager

Weather can play a significant role in productivity during the colder months of the year in Northern climates. Between frigid temperatures, unpredictable rooftop conditions, and hard to handle materials, contractors can find it difficult to continue their projects into the winter months. Custom-fabricated Duro-Last deck sheets on carpet rolls can help keep both productivity and quality at a high level when other systems would be extremely difficult to install.  

Carpet rolls can easily be maneuvered around with a couple of hand trucks and since the membrane is not folded, pulling the material taut to achieve a wrinkle free installation is more easily achieved.  Individual carpet rolls can be installed with just two people at a time, one utilizing a GriPull to keep the material taut and one installing a fastener and plate adjacent to the GriPull. Additional crew members can be utilized to install multiple carpet rolls at the same time, further improving efficiencies. It is important to note that Duro-Last custom-fabricated carpet rolls are limited to a width of 25 feet; however, by utilizing carpet rolls you can still reap the benefits of narrow tabs for perimeter enhancement without having to add rows of fasteners and stripping or narrow roll goods.  

As winter approaches and the weather cools, you may want to consider utilizing carpet rolls to keep your quality and productivity up.  If you have questions and are interested in utilizing custom-fabricated Duro-Last deck sheets on carpet rolls for your next project, contact me at 989-758-1093 or dgarno@duro-last.comto learn more.