Quality Assurance

Ensuring Quality with ASTM Standards

By: Mary Koutras, Research & Development Technical Leader

Have you ever looked at a package or tag on a product and seen the statement “Conforms to ASTM X-XXXX”? ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an organization that develops testing standards for products ranging from art supplies to electronics and everything in between. Members are industry subject matter experts who voluntarily participate in this organization to create robust testing standards across the board. Standardized testing methods are critical to the health, safety and quality of consumer goods, ensuring that manufacturers are using universal methods to test and compare products. Imagine if pharmaceutical companies tested their product safety and quality in accordance to procedures that they developed internally. How could you trust that the “Brand Name” and the “Generic” medication were truly the same? Would you feel safe taking one over the other? ASTM was developed to eliminate these scenarios and protect consumers with standard guidelines for product quality and safety.

In relation to the commercial roofing industry, single-ply membranes must adhere to a variety of stringent ASTM specifications. Members of the Duro-Last Research and Development team are actively involved in ASTM, reviewing and voicing opinions on roofing test standards, facilitating task groups to strengthen the standards, and serve in roles of leadership on subcommittees. Recently, the Research and Development team proudly represented Duro-Last at ASTM’s annual Committee Week held in Colorado in June.  We had the opportunity to network with our peers and industry professionals, and discussed a variety of topics affecting the roofing industry and product testing standards. Photographed below is Research and Development Analyst Katie Chapman, serving in her role as Secretary on the Technical Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing Committee. This committee covers not only roofing membranes (PVC, TPO, EPDM, Shingle, SPF) but also coatings, sustainability, sealers, vegetative systems, installations, leak detection methods, and industry language.

As Duro-Last continues to grow as a leader in the commercial roofing industry, we remain committed to providing high-quality products that meet and exceed the ASTM standards that we help develop and shape. One of these standards, overseen by the ASTM Roofing and Waterproofing Committee, is D-4434. This standard outlines core physical requirements for PVC roofing membranes, including overall thickness and thickness over scrim, breaking strength, seam strength, retention of properties after heat aging, tear-resistance and tearing strength, static and dynamic puncture resistance, and more. Through the efforts of the Duro-Last Quality Control Department, we regularly facilitate tests according to ASTM D-4434 protocol for all of our membrane products. Additionally, samples are sent out for 3rd-party verification and adherence to D-4434, further ensuring the quality of our roofing products. The most up-to-date testing information and standards for Duro-Last products can be found on our Product Data Sheets, and is a great resource to help frame a conversation when presenting a Duro-Last Roofing System to building owners. These data sheets can be easily downloaded using the online Specification Manual at specs.duro-last.com

Duro-Last Research and Development Analyst serves in her role as Secretary on the Technical Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing Committee at the 2019 ASTM Committee Week.