Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage with Custom-Fabrication

By: Don Garno, Custom-Fabrication Product Manager

For over 40 years, Duro-Last® has been a leader in custom-fabricated roofing membranes and accessories. Our unique roofing solutions improve installation efficiencies, reduce labor, and provide competitive advantages that other roofing systems just can’t match. If you haven’t explored all of Duro-Last’s custom-fabricated solutions, now is the time!

Custom-fabricated deck sheets and parapets are manufactured to a roof’s exact specifications, virtually eliminating jobsite waste. Additionally, Duro-Last’s custom-fabricated deck sheets are manufactured with a 3-inch tab already welded to the membrane, eliminating the need to purchase extra material for tabs that are required when using a roll good system. From a purely material standpoint, the typical waste factor when using a custom-fabricated roofing system is less than 4%, where the waste factor for roll goods is closer to 15%. This means that for the same job, you would need to order approximately 11% more membrane material if using a roll goods system.

When evaluating flashings and accessories, Duro-Last once again takes the lead. Our custom-fabricated stacks and curb flashings further enhance efficiency along difficult penetrations and rooftop equipment, provide a clean aesthetic finish, and offer significant cost-savings when compared to similar products on the market. 

 And we can’t forget about labor! Custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems are manufactured in our factory-controlled environment, with up to 85% of the seams completed before the material is delivered to the jobsite. This eliminates a significant amount of rooftop seaming and labor, minimizes building disruptions for facility owners, and reduces the risk for leaks at the most critical areas. Add to that the efficiency offered by our custom-fabricated accessories, and the benefits just can’t be beat

Be sure to keep this information in mind when bidding your next roofing project – you might be surprised by the amount of labor and material you can save, all of which gives you a competitive edge to secure more business for your company. 

If you would like more information on how custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems can take your business to the next level, contact your Sales Representative or the Duro-Last Sales Department at 800-248-0280 to schedule an appointment!