Installation Tips, Quality Assurance

New Duro-Edge for Parapets

By: Mitch Guettler, Director of Quality Assurance and Warranty Services

For the past couple of years, we have shown a new parapet edge detail during our Installation Tips and Tricks breakout at the Duro-Last®National Sales Seminar. This edge detail is designed to cover the top of the parapet wall while remaining invisible from the ground and greatly reduces the chances of spalling. Many contractors gave positive feedback on the detail, noting that the addition of a 1-inch, 5-degree bend on the outside edge would make it even better. We are excited to share that this modification has been made and is available for purchase!

Duro-Edge is manufactured from a 6” x 10’ piece of weldable metal with a 12” PVC membrane skirt attached for easy welding to the installed Duro-Last membrane. Installation requires a square metal plate every 12 inches, placed as close as possible to the edge, and another Duro-Last fastener on the inside edge between each plate. Strip Mastic must also be used along the outside edge along with a heavy bead of caulk down the center between the bottom of the metal and the top of the parapet wall. 

Available with the attached membrane in white, tan, gray and dark gray, Duro-Edge can also be customized to meet your needs. Contact the Duro-Last Customer Service team at 800-248-0280 for more information and to place your order today.