Improving the Customer Experience with Material Tracking

By:  Melissa Rigda, Plant Controller/Systems Change Manager

Duro-Last® is proud to provide an exceptional customer experience no matter what the need and we are always looking for ways to improve our processes. In an effort to improve the shipping process for both our internal teams and customers, we are excited to announce the upcoming implementation of our new material tracking system. 

When an order is placed for products that are manufactured at different Duro-Last facilities, a variety of logistical coordination must take place. The customer service, manufacturing, and shipping teams must work in coordination with each other to ensure that all products are produced and shipped in a timely manner to one centralized facility. Once they arrive at the facility, they are married-up into a single order crate before final shipment to the customer. While the coordination that takes place with our current process requires a lot of hands-on communication between these teams, the new material tracking system will automate this process and dramatically improve efficiency.

With the implementation of the new system, customers should notice a more standardized shipping process for their orders and a decrease in the challenges with freight billing and credits. The material tracking system will be implemented in multiple phases throughout the year with the final phase scheduled to go live in September.