Kids, Energy, Education, and Cool Roofing!

“Energy” and “schoolchildren” are terms that can possibly be used interchangeably, as the latter often seem to be personifications of the former. That was certainly the case on December 1, as I was privileged to witness the groundbreaking festivities for the “Safari” – the initial facility to be built in the Green Schoolhouse series. The ceremony was held at the Roadrunner Elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona.

The kids were clearly enthusiastic about this landmark construction project, and the visit from the “dignitaries” representing the companies that are participating in the project. They sang a song called, “It’s easy to be green,” and provided tours of their current facility. They were also moving around a lot to keep warm in the chilly, 45-degree temperature. I didn’t have a lot of sympathy, as my original flight to Phoenix was cancelled due to a blizzard in mid-Michigan.

In this case, another connection between energy and kids applies. These school buildings are being constructed to achieve LEED platinum status – which means energy savings and a whole lot of other environmental benefits for the students. In the case of the Safari design, the energy savings – at least in part – are being delivered by the highly-reflective Duro-Last® Cool Zone® roofing system.

Duro-Last is proud to be a part of this initiative, as we have long been roofing industry leaders when it comes to sustainability. In this specific case, it gives us the opportunity to keep those students’ energy moving in a safe, sustainable direction!


Groundbreaking for the “Safari” Roadrunner Elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona