National Safety Week – Overexertion

Overexertion is the third leading cause of nonfatal injury in the United States and results in the second highest number of claims in the low slope roofing industry. An estimated 3.5 million overexertion injuries occur each year. Most are the result of lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, or carrying. Back injuries are the most common form of overexertion in the workplace, but overexertion can also result in physical fatigue, sprains, or strains, reduction in work efficiency, and decrease in the speed and quality of work.

Prevent overexertion by:

  • Stretching and/or warming up before heavy lifting or strenuous activity
  • Lifting with your legs bent and objects held close to your body
  • Avoiding bending, reaching, and twisting when lifting
  • Asking a friend for help when lifting
  • Breaking a load down and using mechanical assistance when available
  • Practicing good housekeeping and maintaining clear pathways

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In the next blog post we will discuss driving.