Duro-Last Donates Truck for Joplin Relief Efforts

On Thursday, May 26, Duro-Last Director of Accounting Debbie Bierlien saw a story on a local TV station about a church in Clio, Michigan, that was collecting items for the victims of the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri. The church had collected so much, that they were in need of a semi-trailer to transport the items to Joplin. Debbie brought the opportunity to Duro-Last management, who immediately authorized the use of the truck, fuel, and driver Jay Verbeke for the trip. In addition, Duro-Last employees donated clothing, water, diapers, and other necessities. After loading to about half full in Clio, the truck stopped at another church in Bryan, Ohio, and was filled to capacity. The truck arrived in Joplin on Saturday, May 28.

[youtube width=500 style=”text-align: center”]8YKSiSGQfMg[/youtube]

Pam Lotter, who coordinated the effort for the Clio Community Church of God, is planning to make another trip soon. Food items are most in need, as well as gift cards for national grocery and pharmacy chains. Pam can be reached at the church at 810-686-5394 or via cell phone at 810-210-1158.

Pam Lotter and Duro-Last Communications Director Fred Sitter