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Social Media. So what? Part II

Continuing from last week’s post regarding social media; the second session from the virtual conference I attended was presented by Neal Schaffer, President of Windmills Marketing. Neal took a closer look at the strategic role that Twitter plays in the social media landscape, provided potential usage scenarios for any business on Twitter, and provided tips on how to strategically maximize Twitter for businesses.

So why is social media, Twitter specifically, so important? Well, 23% of our time on the Internet is spent on social media sites, with Twitter being one of the most popular social media tools. Tools? Twitter is not just a place for you to let people know what you had for lunch. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers, prospects, partners, and network. It works in two directions: Twitter enables you to keep your followers educated by posting information about your business and industry, which positions you as an expert in the field. You can also use Twitter to follow others in the industry and keep abreast of trends, conversations about products, etc. Re-tweet the good stuff to your followers, and polish your image as the expert.

Below is a brief summary of three popular social media sites. Use it to help you decide which social media network will be best for you and your business.

I hope you enjoyed this series and will seriously consider using social media to help grow your business. And remember; social media is a commitment, NOT a campaign!

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