Featured Project: Lindenwood University Commons

Installation by Duro-Last Elite Contractor Ed Rutherford Roofing Includes School Logo on Roof

Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, is putting the finishing touches on its new University Commons building, scheduled to open in 2011. The Duro-Last roofing system on the building was installed by Elite Duro-Last contractor Ed Rutherford Roofing of Palmyra, Missouri, which had previously installed roofs on other Lindenwood facilities.

The roof, totaling about 46,000 square feet, was installed with 60-mil white Duro-Last roofing membrane and was applied using both mechanically-attached and fully-adhered methods. The fully-adhered section was installed over the gymnasium – Rutherford wasn’t allowed to use any fasteners on that portion of the roof deck. Other roof system components included a sound barrier, tapered polyiso insulation, and DensDeck® roof board.

The most unique feature of the project was the application of the Lindenwood University logo to the rooftop. The school wanted the campus to be identified from the air, as it’s near the local airport. The architect on the project originally specified the logo to be painted on the Duro-Last membrane. But during construction, Rutherford approached Duro-Last with the idea of making letters out of Duro-Last material, which could be applied to the roof using standard single-ply membrane heat-welding equipment and methods.

After considering several color and material options for the letters, the project team decided to use the Duro-Last Rock-Ply™ membrane. It has a roofing ballast pattern printed onto it, and a special polymer coating to help protect the finish from marring, fading, and dirt accumulation.

Together, the Rock-Ply letters spelling “Lindenwood” are 200 feet long and 20½ feet wide. They were created by Duro-Last sister company, Tri-City Vinyl, in Saginaw, Michigan, using special CAD-driven design and membrane cutting equipment. The pattern was produced in sections to make it easy for the Rutherford installers to align it and weld the pieces to the deck membrane.

Ed Rutherford Roofing has been an authorized Duro-Last contractor since 1993. We’re proud to be able to provide them and all our customers “one-stop shopping” services for all their roofing needs, even in highly-unique situations such as the Lindenwood roofing project.

Lindenwood aerial

Aerial shot of the Lindenwood University Commons roof, installed by Ed Rutherford Roofing of Palmyra, Missouri.

lindenwood letter installation

An Ed Rutherford Roofing technician applies the Lindenwood University logo to the installed Duro-Last roofing system membrane.

roll of rock ply membrane

Duro-Last Rock-Ply membrane.