Roofing Industry Magazines: Part 1

There are lots of building and construction industry publications out there, and seemingly more being introduced monthly. Although the list might appear to be endless between print and online media opportunities, I have compiled some of the publications that Duro-Last has been involved with to some degree in recent years because of their connection to the commercial roofing industry. Below is a small description of each – mostly taken from each magazine’s own materials – as well as a link to each website. We’ll include about half of the pubs in this post and the rest in a subsequent post.

Architectural West Magazine

The Magazine of the Western Architect and Specifier, is published six times per year. Written for the building professional concerned with design, specification, and application of building products in the West.

Building Design & Construction

“Inspiring the Building team,” BD&C is an advocate for the integrated building team: AEC professionals working together to meet the needs of their clients and the people who use their client’s buildings.

Building Operating Management

BOM is a magazine for the building owner/facility executive, providing coverage for building owners and facility executives who control the nation’s largest commercial and institutional properties.

Buildings Magazine

This monthly publication offers readers information on the development, construction, modernization, management and operation of buildings, as well as the products and services needed to support such facilities.

Commercial Buildings Products

CBP grounds its editorial content in new-product information that is delivered to decision makers who are involved in the brand selection and purchase of applicable products.


Eco-Structure magazine delivers practical information and real-world examples of green building to architects, builders, interior designers, and others interested in the green-building industry. By focusing on particular green residential and commercial projects, as well as gaining “perspectives” from industry leaders, the publication strives to improve the built industry through education and design.

Environmental Design + Construction

ED+C is dedicated to efficient and sustainable design and construction. Since 1997, ED+C has supported, and will continue to support, the progressive architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer to enhance the sustainability of new and existing buildings.


Interface is a technical/trade publication of The Institute of Roofing, Waterproofing, and Building Envelope Professionals (RCI). It is published eleven times a year. Interface provides readers with technical articles and papers, and timely coverage of industry news and events. It is the intent of RCI that Interface educate and inform all segments of the roofing industry, establish a common ground for discussion, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge.