Global Green Expo: A Virtual Treat

I’ve been to plenty of real, in-the-flesh trade shows, all with the common attributes of cheesy attention-getting devices, expensive, overpriced food served by surly staff, achy feet, and staffers who are actually sitting down in their booths (are you kidding me?). In recent years, I’ve managed to avoid attending most industry events (sorry, media reps), but one popped up last week that I couldn’t resist.

Duro-Last was pleased to sponsor the Global Green Expo on August 5, hosted by BNP Media, which publishes the magazines, Sustainable Facility and Environmental Design & Construction, among other titles. This was a live, “virtual” show that was attended through the Internet by over 1200 people from all over.

The “Event Lobby” provided access to an Exhibit Hall with vendor booths, a Resource Center, a Networking Lounge, and an Auditorium, where Duro-Last’s own Drew Ballensky presented the webinar, High-Performance Vinyl Roofing – an Active Asset.

On the whole, it was a good event for us. We had interactions with over 400 people, either in our booth or during our webinar and the subsequent chat session. Lots of folks downloaded materials from the booth and chatted with Duro-Last staffers about a variety of roofing and sustainability topics.

I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this type of thing going forward. The availability of information to show attendees was good and our investment was reasonable, given the number of contacts we received. And we avoided travel and living costs for staffers, who handled their shifts from the comfort of their cozy cubicles – yes, sitting down.

The Global Green Expo is available “on demand” at this link until November 5, 2010.

Duro-Last Booth at Global Green Expo