Safety, Safety Everywhere!

I recently read an article in Professional Roofing‘s July edition titled, A Culture of Safety, by Kaylee Alberico. This is a great addition to our series of posts on rooftop safety where we concentrated on three areas of fall hazard control: elimination, prevention, and protection.

This article discusses how different roofing companies train their employees on safety; a common element is that they take a very active role in enforcing safety and getting employee buy-in. It offers great tips to ensure that ever-changing work areas are safe as well as how to keep employees interested in safety.

Safety training for employees at Duro-Last is tailored specifically to job function, but everyone goes through annual training. Content varies from the very basic to intensive, including such areas as environmental, fall prevention, driving, reviewing incidents from the previous year, and changes in laws.

We also have a program to recognize employees as safety milestones have been met. Recently both EXCEPTIONAL® Metals (a division of Duro-Last) and Plastatech® Engineering (a sister company) have reached over 100,000 hours of work without an OSHA recordable accident. These employees were honored with a lunch and recognized for their accomplishment. (See photos below.)

A reduction in recordable accidents directly impacts a company’s bottom line by decreasing workers’ compensation costs, reducing lost production time, and maintaining employees’ well-being. It’s good to know that so many other companies take safety as seriously as we do.

EXCEPTIONAL Metals Luncheon

Plastatech Engineering Luncheon