A Few Observations from the Recently-Concluded International Roofing Expo

It seemed like overall show traffic was down, and that exhibitors had made smaller investments in their booths than in previous years. However, traffic to the Duro-Last booth was steady, primarily because of our hands-on welding contest for visitors and the comprehensive array of accessories displayed by Duro-Last’s division EXCEPTIONAL® Metals.

About 100 people competed in the welding contest, and anyone who could weld a roof stack in less than 90 seconds was awarded a Duro-Last t-shirt. This was intended to demonstrate how Duro-Last’s pre-fabrication approach to producing roofing systems results in labor-savings for contractors.

Duro-Last Contractor Advisory Board President Ken Kelly presented: Tools to Manage your Business: Let the Business Run Itself. Ken discussed practical tips and tools to help track and control business functions to better manage for success. His session was relevant for companies of all sizes.

Perhaps the most prevalent technology on display during the show was rooftop solar equipment. Several solar manufacturers and providers demonstrated their wares either on their own or in conjunction with roofing system manufacturers. At Duro-Last, we promoted a “solar-ready” approach, in that our system can accommodate virtually any rooftop solar application on the market. Clearly, solar systems will be part of roof construction and retrofit discussions for the foreseeable future.

The 2011 International Roofing Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 16-18.

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