Faces of Duro-Last: Drew Ballensky

Drew Ballensky - General Manager, Duro-Last - Iowa and Cool Roofing/Architectural Spokesperson

Drew Ballensky - General Manager, Duro-Last - Iowa and Cool Roofing/Architectural Spokesperson

Drew Ballensky joined Duro-Last in 1996 as plant manager and was responsible for start-up and production activities at the Iowa facility. He also handled customer relations activities for several years before taking on his current role as general manager and spokesperson for Duro-Last’s cool roofing and architectural market initiatives.

Drew received his Bachelor of Technology from the University of Northern Iowa and MBA from Florida State University. Prior to Duro-Last, Drew worked for Butler Manufacturing as an industrial engineer and a manufacturing engineering manager. He moved on to Champion Products where he was an operations financial analyst before serving as a plant manager for Nordico Manufacturing. Drew then co-owned a construction business.

By combining his manufacturing and construction experience with his more recent involvement with new energy technologies and the regulations intended to encourage their use, Drew has become Duro-Last’s energy-efficiency and cool roofing guru. Drew frequently writes articles on sustainability issues for industry media and the Duro-Last roofing blog. He also facilitates classes on cool roofing for The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Drew enjoys opportunities to interact with a wide variety of roofing industry people, from contractors to sales reps to building owners to specifiers and even to our competitors through the organizations he participates in. These include the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association where he is the president, the Vinyl Institute, the AIA, and the U. S. Green Building Council.

Drew likes working for a company that has a product and system that just makes sense and is easy to believe in. “Our history of product quality and customer support provides a good foundation for any conversations I have about roofing systems. It’s also a pleasure to be able to confidently discuss Duro-Last’s ability to help facilities meet sustainability goals, which is clearly one of the key decision-making factors in the marketplace these days,” said Drew.

“I welcome any questions or comments you have about cool roofing and invite you to ask them here,” concludes Drew. You may also contact Drew directly at 641-622-1079 or