Faces of Duro-Last: Curt Jaffe

Curt Jaffe

Curt Jaffe - Regional Sales Manager

Curt Jaffe has been with Duro-Last for nearly three years, and works out of Duro-Last’s Grants Pass, Oregon, office. He has been the regional sales manager for California since June, 2009, and is responsible for territory development, contractor recruitment, and corporate account development. Curt also supports independent sales representatives and authorized Duro-Last roofing contractors in his area. Prior to his current position, Curt was the regional sales manager for the Rocky Mountain region.

Curt has over 20 years of sales and management experience in the electrical and plumbing fields. His background in these construction-related industries has helped him become the successful manager he is today.

In the brief time he’s held his current position, Curt has brought a measure of stability to a challenging marketplace. According to Curt, “Northern and Southern California are two distinct markets when it comes to commercial roofing contractors. However, because Duro-Last pursues direct long-term relationships with independent contractors, we have a compelling story to tell regardless of where the roofer’s business is located.” In fact, Curt has been very successful in his short California tenure, bringing several top-tier SoCal roofing contractors on board during the past few months.

In addition, Curt has worked diligently both with Duro-Last staff and local contractors to establish a stronger presence with the California architectural community.

The variety of daily activities brought about by the diversity of the California market keeps him on his toes and ensures that there’s never a dull moment. But what really drives Curt are the relationships he has built with contractors, independent sales reps, industry contacts and Duro-Last corporate staff. As he says, “what I’ve truly enjoyed during my time here is that Duro-Last has always conveyed the feeling that you are one of the family. And it’s a big family – one that includes employees, contractors and independent reps. The level of support and the sense of camaraderie is like no other place in the industry.”