No “Greenwashing” With AIA

The American Institute of Architects recognizes that sustainable design has become an integral part of the design community. Beginning January 1, 2009 the AIA will require all members to complete four hours of sustainable design training. The four sustainable design hours will be included as part of the eight hour health, safety and welfare (HSW) requirement.

To qualify as sustainable design learning units, course content must meet four thresholds:

1. It must address the AIA definition of sustainability.

2. It must be a structured (third party) program (i.e. no self-study).

3. At least 75% of program content must qualify as HSW.

4. Its primary purpose must address at least one of the AIA Committee on the

Environment Top Measures of Sustainable Design and Performance Metrics.

Because we have always tried to offer training that addresses current and future needs of the industry, Duro-Last already offers three courses that meet the AIA requirements.

The AIA is also concerned with “greenwashing” – the overuse of words such as “green” or “sustainable.” So, after January 1, 2009 new or on-going programs will require pre-approval by AIA in order to use these and similar words in the title of a program.

When the AIA provides additional guidelines, be assured that Duro-Last will make the proper modifications to program titles and will appropriately register our on-going programs so that our architectural customers can receive proper credit.