The Energy Savings Quest Takes On A New Intensity

Issued in 1999, Executive Order 13123 established a mandate for federal agencies to reduce energy consumption 30 percent by 2005 and 35 percent by 2010. It also stated that agencies must use ENERGY STAR® products when available and must use life-cycle and energy cost analyses when selecting products. In January of 2007 that Executive Order was revoked by President Bush and replaced with Executive Order 13423.

Executive Order 13423 is intended to strengthen federal environmental, energy, and transportation management. This Order not only addresses energy usage but also emphasizes use of sustainable environmental practices and improved transportation management.

The Executive Order stipulates that at least half the required renewable energy consumed must come from new renewable sources. Other key goals can be met, in part, through the use of PVC (vinyl) roofing systems:

1. Agencies must reduce energy intensity (energy consumption per square foot of building space) by 3 percent annually through 2015 or 30 percent by 2015 relative to 2003.

– Highly-reflective vinyl roofing systems can reduce a building’s cooling load and energy consumption.

2. When acquiring goods and services, agencies must utilize sustainable environmental practices, including the use of products with traits such as energy efficiency, water efficiency and recycled content.

– PVC roofing systems typically require less energy to manufacture than other types of systems. In addition, the production of vinyl roofing membrane often includes the recycling of manufacturing scrap.

3. Agencies must reduce the quantity of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials used, and divert materials from solid waste disposal when possible.

– PVC roofing systems can be mechanically-attached, eliminating hazardous chemicals from the installation process. In addition, vinyl systems have a proven history of recyclability at the end of their roofing lives; some PVC roofing manufacturers – including Duro-Last – have established programs to recycle post-consumer roofing systems.