Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Roofing System: Price

You must consider many factors when your roof needs to be replaced or you are constructing a building that requires a new roof. Price. Quality of the product being installed. Prefabrication. Installation disruptions. Ease of maintenance. Performance. Environmental impact. Life-cycle costs, and so on. All of these aspects are crucial to review in order to make the wisest roofing choice and get the best long-term value for your investment.

This is the first in a series of posts that will discuss the issues around purchasing a roofing system.


We all know that consumers want to get their money’s worth when they purchase a product. That’s why most people look for the “big sales” in the weekend edition of their local newspapers. We tend to want products that are inexpensive but still produce the best results. However, that rarely happens.

When it comes to roofing systems, you normally get what you pay for. You must consider the long-term value you will be receiving at the price you will be paying. Remember: high-quality products usually cost more.

Additionally, if you are going to invest in a high-performance roofing system, you will want to have skilled roofers installing your new roof. Regardless of the system installed, the effectiveness of the roofing system is dependent on the contractor’s professional experience, craftsmanship, and reputation. Ask to see references and other roofing jobs the contractor has completed. Check out his crew to see how professional they look and act. Do they have a standard uniform or do they show up in tattered jeans and a grubby t-shirt? Are they courteous and able to answer your questions? Whatever you do, make sure that you are completely comfortable with a contractor’s crew before you allow them to set foot on your property.

Another question that should be asked when looking into the price of a roofing system is – How complete is the system? Are all the accessories included with the roofing system? Some come complete with all accessories included, while others can “nickel and dime” you for components that were not a part of the original plan. Furthermore, some manufacturers require you to keep a regular maintenance program in order to be covered by their warranty; another added expense if you are not prepared to implement such a plan.

Proper investigation into the “hidden” costs of a new roofing system is crucial before you place your order; it can save you a lot of money down the line!

In our second installment of Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Roofing System, we will discuss what “quality” features to look for in a roofing system.