Light at the End of the Polyiso Lead Time Tunnel? 

By Kevin Blaesser, Director of Sales Operations

The days of extremely long lead times on ISO (polyiso) seem to be coming to an end. As many of you know, Duro-Last® has been on allocation with our main ISO suppliers for the past year. At one time all of our allocation for the entire year was booked out. ISO lead times averaged around six to nine months, and at one point we were told a full year for certain parts of the country.

Over the past several weeks the ISO manufacturers have had a great deal of canceled orders. These orders were canceled enough in advance which allowed Duro-Last to move up other orders or service new orders we previously were not able to schedule because of not having enough allocation. 

We currently have varying availability through the fourth quarter and into 2023. In most parts of the country, we should be able to service a new order in 30 days. Sometimes sooner if needed. This also allows us to move up orders that were previously booked far out. For example, if a contractor has an order scheduled for March 2023, we could, in most cases, have the ability to move that order up into 2022. 

Please contact the Duro-Guard® Insulation Department now to talk about immediate needs for the fourth quarter. We look forward to helping service your business.